Grow Room Design, Rev. 1

I submitted Revision 0 plans to a number of forums and Reddit. The general feedback was more light and thicker PVC. I decided to add a hanging panel to the ceiling, to more evenly distribute the weight of the lights and allow for fine tuning their placement. I also remeasured the space and tried to leave room for a dry/cure cabinet to be installed in the space as well. I added in electrical, ventilation and plumbing. My plan for using Velcro along the edges was supported by community feedback. The lights will be 400W and ventilation is 6″ diameter.

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Checking out the house wiring.

In an ideal world I would run this system on a dedicated 20A circuit. But house wiring rarely makes it this easy. To start I went through my breaker box, turning off fuses with a nightlight plugged into my hopeful outlet. Once I isolated it, I left it off and went through my entire house so I would know what else was on the circuit.

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Grow Room Design, Rev. 0

The Grow tent will be about 5’x5’x6′, with a 400 watt lamp (which covers 3’x3′). 4 plants, each in a 5 gallon bucket on top of a milk crate. By putting the buckets on milk crates, I should be able to drain back to the reservoir with gravity. There is a carbon filter in the top corner and an air intake in the bottom corner. The brown rectangle will be the controller home, with built in relay controlled outlets, sensor hook-ups and relay hook-ups.

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Aeroponics Design, Rev. 0

After reading lots of forums and scrolling an endless list of parts, this is the basic Aeroponics design I came up with. I still haven’t figured out the exact placement of nozzles.

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Grow Room Project


Grow Room

The Grow Room consists of the aeroponics plumbing, ventilation, lighting and enclosure.


The controller is a project unto itself. Controlling the aeroponics, ventilation and lighting will be a Raspberry Pi. I am developing Aerolang, an open-source software built with Erlang to be run on a Raspbian installation, with a web based front-end and minimal physical interface.

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Super Cheap Window Well

Part of Phase 1 is making the necessary repairs and improvements to the house that will be needed for the grow room. The grow room will be going into the basement of the house, and will need access to an exterior exhaust vent.

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Greetings & Salutations

The personal grow laws from Measure 91 will go into effect July 1st. In preparation for such a wonderful occasion I will be building my first grow room in the coming months, hopefully planting on day 1. The measure allows for 4 plants per home, so it will be a small grow op.

I will be documenting the design and building of the grow op, from home upgrades and enclosure all the way to a fancy drying and curing closet. My hope is to consolidate the results of being a new grower using internet research and reference books, into a clear DIY process.

As the grow season gets under way this summer, this blog will transition to a detailed grow log.

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

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