Grow Room Project


Grow Room

The Grow Room consists of the aeroponics plumbing, ventilation, lighting and enclosure.


The controller is a project unto itself. Controlling the aeroponics, ventilation and lighting will be a Raspberry Pi. I am developing open-source software in Erlang to be run on a Raspbian installation, with a web based front-end.


Aeroponics Research

Hot Pepper Forum – hydromike Dec. ’12
An absolutely fantastic rundown of the basics of aeroponics components.

Aeroponics diy
This site is a treasure trove of information on aeroponics. Great way to get acquainted at the system level view.

Garden Web Forum – ethnobotany Nov. ’12
Ethnobotany outlines their aeroponics design, good source of component details.

MJ Guide
A step by step breakdown for a 6″ PVC aeroponics system.

Grass City Forum – datt420 Jan. ’13
Another well documented 6″ PVC system.


Grow Weed Easy
Excellent overview of each lighting system and selection guide


Aeroponics diy
Good overview of environment control.

Daily Smoker
Excellent article on proper temperature for cannabis.

Grow Room Construction

MJ Guide
Straight forward guide on reflective materials for the grow room.


Learn You Some Erlang
A simply brilliant introduction to Erlang.

Print Resources

Marijuana Horticulture
I decided on this book after reading countless reviews on amazon for this book and Rosenthal’s Handbook. I am not far into yet, and already I am getting a more complete picture of the growing process. As I work through this book I am sure it will influence changes to the grow room design and component selection.

Marijuana Garden Saver
I am sure this reference will be invaluable once the grow season is under way.


Phase 1 ~ Feb. – Apr.
  • Make necessary home repairs and improvement.
  • Start work on controller software.
  • Order parts.
Phase 2 ~ Apr. – Jun.
  • Complete controller software, begin testing on Raspberry Pi.
  • Test assemble aeroponics plumbing.
  • Test assemble enclosure, fit ventilation.
Phase 3 ~ Jun. – Jul.
  • Install enclosure
  • Install ventilation
  • Install lighting
  • Install aeroponics system
  • Install controller
  • Tune system


Aeroponics Design

— Blog Post Coming Soon —

Electrical Design

— Blog Post Coming Soon —

Ventilation Design

— Blog Post Coming Soon —

Grow Room Design

— Blog Post Coming Soon —

Controller Design

— Blog Post Coming Soon —

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