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Sprout cycle

Sprouts are now ready to be put in dirt!

watered by dipping rock wool cube in bowl of R.O. water for 5 seconds and supplemental watering with a turkey baster to top of rock wool cube.

Day 5

Sprouts are coming up.

Day 7

All the seeds have sprouted, moved the light closer and left it on 24hrs since they look a bit leggy.

DAY 10

They are ready for dirt now, roots have popped out the bottom of the rock wool cubes.

Onward to veg

Today I will be assembling the tent and getting these sprouts into dirt.

A lot has changed


While working on figuring out the Automated controller part of this project, I started working with a tech friend of mine. Things have snowballed from there and now we are in the middle of buildingĀ Cascadia Micro Grow. We have assembled an amazing team, and I am super crazy excited about our controller.

To support this new venture, I needed to set aside my dreams of complicated plumbing and custom grow room enclosures. I still need grow space to test this controller out in, and really fine tune it’s control theory. So I am getting a tent, a T5 light and doing it budget style.

This space will be my micro grow log. I hope to document how our controller can enable the casual grower.

Day 1

Soaked Rock Wool bricks overnight in RO Water from the grocery store (ph ~5.5)

Put a piece of sand paper in a pill bottle, added the seeds and gently shook to scuff up the shell. This is suppose to help water permeate the shell. (Jorge Cervantes)

3 White Widow Feminized seeds
1 Sugar Plum, A seed I got for free from Stony Girl Gardens on July 1st.


Seeds Planted