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Electrical Design, Rev. 0

Task one was figuring out how much power I have to play with. I lucked out and have easy access to the bathroom 20 amp circuit. I will splice a line from this circuit into an RV Disconnect Box. In the disconnect box I can swap in a 15 amp breaker on the pre-installed outlet. This will give me a safe way to shut off power to the system should I need to work on the electrical. Additionally my grow room will never overpower the bathroom circuit, and I can use 14 AWG wire which is much easier to work with. Power distribution will occur in 2 places. 6 relay switched outlets built into the controller housing and 6 always on outlets in their own enclosure. For now, I will use metal electrical enclosures attached to some plywood and wired with conduit. This plywood could be hung/mounted where ever is convenient once construction is complete.

The grow room will use 2 400 W grow lights with HPS and MH bulbs as needed for flowering and vegetative grow phases.

Cost Analysis

Sourced through Amazon for easy list making, could be found cheaper around the net and locally.

Lighting Shopping List

Total: $350

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

Checking out the house wiring.

In an ideal world I would run this system on a dedicated 20A circuit. But house wiring rarely makes it this easy. To start I went through my breaker box, turning off fuses with a nightlight plugged into my hopeful outlet. Once I isolated it, I left it off and went through my entire house so I would know what else was on the circuit.

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Super Cheap Window Well

Part of Phase 1 is making the necessary repairs and improvements to the house that will be needed for the grow room. The grow room will be going into the basement of the house, and will need access to an exterior exhaust vent.

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