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Aeroponics Design, Rev. 1

Moved to 5 gallon food grade bucket per plant for grow container, as rubbermaid totes have mixed reviews.

Simplified plumbing of brass sections.

drain valve is a T connect and straight valve, much cheaper then the bypass valves. May be upgraded later.

Added solenoid.

Mist nozzle placement will be determined once everything has been test installed and I can measure the mist pattern.

To get easy access to mist nozzles, I will thread the tubing through rubber corks, likely sourced from local home brewing stores. That way I have quick access for dealing with clogs and nozzle replacement.

Cost Analysis

I sourced all parts through Amazon, for easy list making. I will try to locally source as much material as I can.

Aeroponics Shopping List

Total: $625

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

Aeroponics Design, Rev. 0

After reading lots of forums and scrolling an endless list of parts, this is the basic Aeroponics design I came up with. I still haven’t figured out the exact placement of nozzles.

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