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Grow Room Project


Grow Room

The Grow Room consists of the aeroponics plumbing, ventilation, lighting and enclosure.


The controller is a project unto itself. Controlling the aeroponics, ventilation and lighting will be a Raspberry Pi. I am developing Aerolang, an open-source software built with Erlang to be run on a Raspbian installation, with a web based front-end and minimal physical interface.

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Greetings & Salutations

The personal grow laws from Measure 91 will go into effect July 1st. In preparation for such a wonderful occasion I will be building my first grow room in the coming months, hopefully planting on day 1. The measure allows for 4 plants per home, so it will be a small grow op.

I will be documenting the design and building of the grow op, from home upgrades and enclosure all the way to a fancy drying and curing closet. My hope is to consolidate the results of being a new grower using internet research and reference books, into a clear DIY process.

As the grow season gets under way this summer, this blog will transition to a detailed grow log.

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

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Why Aeroponics for Cannabis Cultivation

Aeroponics has it’s roots in the academic world. Initially developed as a method to study plant root structures in the 1920’s. Richard Stoner brought aeroponics to the commercial world as Genesis Technology in 1983. In 1998 NASA funded Stoner’s aeroponics research, bringing attention to this method of growing.

Research has shown that plants have the highest efficiency nutrient and oxygen uptake when exposed to water droplets between 5 and 50 microns. The High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA) system is designed to produce the 50 micron droplet size. This requires special spray nozzles and a pump system that operates at 100psi. Although setting up an HPA is more complicated and expensive, the benefits are certainly worth it. HPA allows for a faster harvest frequency,  uses 98% less water and 1/3 the nutrients of soil and hydroponics systems.

Since the watering system requires precisely timed output, an HPA system requires a higher level of automation in the grow room. To me this is a benefit, I am very interested in automating the environment control to get the best yield from my  4 plant cap (since this is what is allowed for a private grow in Oregon).

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

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