Ventilation Design, Revision 0

The grow room ventilation system will consist of a filtered exhaust and filtered intake.

The exhaust system will use 6″ tubing. It will extract air from the grow room through a carbon filter unit. It will be powered by a 6″ inline fan. The exhaust system will expel air to the exterior of the house, through a boarded up basement window.

The intake system will use 6″ tubing. It will pull air from the basement through an automotive cabin air filter. The intake system will expel air near the floor of the grow room.

Since my basement is pretty chilly and damp, I have concerns about maintaining optimal humidity and temperature. I decided to not use air cooled reflectors, since it will always be easy to cool the grow room down with my chilly basement air (or so I hope). Once the system has been up and running and I have a better idea of the environment in the grow room, I will make a decision about installing a dehumidifier.

The blue box is the intake fan and the red box is the exhaust fan. The carbon filter attaches to the end of exhaust tubing, and has air drawn through it into the exhaust system.Rev2_tent_innards

The intake filter will be an automotive cabin air filter. These come in sizes around 12″x 8″, perfect for covering a 6″ duct opening. I will create a simple custom mount and attach it to the intake fan.Rev2_tent_innards_rear

Cost Analysis

I sourced the parts for the ventilation through Amazon. So this may not be cheapest possible solution, but it was easy to build a shopping list. I will try to source what I can locally.

Ventilation Amazon Shopping List

Total: $190

This cost could be reduced by using 4″ tubing, which I think would still work for a room this small.

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

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