Enclosure Design, Rev. 2

For earlier revisions of the enclosure, refer to Grow Room Design Rev. 0 and Rev. 1

Minor tweaks so that the Foylon goes on the inside, covering up the PVC and reducing degradation from UV light. Cost analysis showed Velcro to be prohibitively expensive, so weatherstripping and Gorilla tape will be used to secure the Foylon to the PVC structure. More detailed design of door and frame, the exact nature of the seal and latching mechanism on the door is as yet undetermined.

Enclosure will be built with 1″ PVC and Foylon walls. It will measure 5.3′ x 3.75′ x 6′. The enclosure will be anchored to pressure treated plywood at the base. If need be, it will also be anchored to the basement ceiling.

Vertical  Walls

Weatherstripping will be placed on  PVC along the interior of the edges of walls. Foylon will be Gorilla taped to exterior side of PVC wall. Gorilla tape will be placed down along the interior Foylon seem of the corners.

Ceiling and Floor

Weatherstripping will be placed on PVC along the interior edges. Foylon will wrap around exterior of PVC and be Gorilla taped to vertical walls.

Mounting Board

A Foylon covered sheet of plywood will be attached to the interior of the PVC ceiling. This will act as a mount point for lights, ventilation and sensors. The mounting board should more evenly disperse the weight of the lights and ventilation across the PVC ceiling.

Door and Door Frame

Starting from the instructions at littlegreenhouse.com for basic structure of PVC door with PVC hinges. Weatherstripping will be placed on PVC interior along edges of door and interior edge of PVC frame. Foylon will be Gorilla taped to interior of door. Weatherstripping will be placed on frame facing edge of PVC door. Overlap flaps will be added to exterior of door as necessary.

Cost Analysis

I was able to source all of the necessary parts through home depot.

Enclosure Home Depot Shopping List

Total Cost: $245

This total could be reduced by total elimination of Velcro($17) and changing PVC 3-way and 4-way joints into standard instead of ‘Furniture Grade’ fittings ($9/each), but I couldn’t find them online.

Cost Comparison

My Build — 5’4″ x 3’9″ x 6′  — $245

GrowLab — 4’9″ x 4’9″ x 6’7″ — $285

Secret Jardin — 3′ x 3′ x 72″ — $174

I think my build came in right on budget, and it is custom fitted to my low ceiling basement.

Happy Toking!
– Indica Sloth

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