Grow Room Design, Rev. 0

The Grow tent will be about 5’x5’x6′, with a 400 watt lamp (which covers 3’x3′). 4 plants, each in a 5 gallon bucket on top of a milk crate. By putting the buckets on milk crates, I should be able to drain back to the reservoir with gravity. There is a carbon filter in the top corner and an air intake in the bottom corner. The brown rectangle will be the controller home, with built in relay controlled outlets, sensor hook-ups and relay hook-ups.

The grow tent will be anchored to a sheet of pressure treated plywood, to help insulate it from the basement floor and give me a more level working surface. I also plan on anchoring the roof piece to the basement ceiling (which is bare beams).

The siding material will be Foylon. Still to be determined is exactly how I will attach the Foylon. The plan in my head is adhesive Velcro strips and overlapping flaps.

Happy Toking!
Indica Sloth

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