Checking out the house wiring.

In an ideal world I would run this system on a dedicated 20A circuit. But house wiring rarely makes it this easy. To start I went through my breaker box, turning off fuses with a nightlight plugged into my hopeful outlet. Once I isolated it, I left it off and went through my entire house so I would know what else was on the circuit.

I lucked out on this one, the outlet right next to my future grow room is on a 20A shared circuit with the bathroom. Do some quick power calculations to see how much head room I have. I designed the electrical with a 1,000W bulb, as this is the largest I could use.

1,000 W light – 9A
60 W Solenoid – 1/2A
24 W Pump – 1/4A
Vent fans  – 2A
Controller 1/4A

Total – 12 A

That leaves a good deal of headroom on the bathroom circuit, could certainly run a blow dryer. One slight issues is that we tend to use a space heater in the bathroom, which runs 750W/1500W.

At 1,500 W the heater can draw 12.5 A, which will break the circuit and cause havoc in the grow room.
But if we keep the heater at 750 W, thats 6.25A, leaving just enough breathing space. Still, new bathroom rules:

On Appliance at a time.
Heater on 750W Only.

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