Super Cheap Window Well

Part of Phase 1 is making the necessary repairs and improvements to the house that will be needed for the grow room. The grow room will be going into the basement of the house, and will need access to an exterior exhaust vent.

I already have a boarded up window in the basement, so I will be using this window to mount exhaust vents. Unfortunately, this window has no window well and is partially covered up with dirt. So step 1 will be digging the window out and installing some sort of cheap window well. Proper window wells start at $500 so I built a simple one out of pressure treated 2×8 and 2×2. It cost around $50 to build and ‘hot-fix’ the rotted window frame. The window may yet come out, but it can wait until the grow room starts to come together more.

Happy Toking!
– Indica Sloth

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